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  • E-university of success

    E-university of success
    In order to achieve a high standard and develop strategies for efficient use in life, it is not enough to just read educational books and attend seminars. Therefore, I invite you to join successful individuals and enter an elite online community called the motivaction group E-UNIVERSITY OF SUCCESS™.
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  • Motivational Speeches

    Motivational Speeches
    Behind this globally-respected speaker is Smiljan an author, businessman, coach, and consultant to top performers from all walks of life. Find more about Smiljan.
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  • MotivAction for life

    Have you ever tried to change your life for the better, only to come up short?  Maybe you attended a seminar, made a list of desired outcomes, or posted inspirational notes around your home. It may have worked for a day, or a week, but motivation by itself is very difficult to maintain, and often wavers.

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  • MotivAction without borders!

    What keeps you or anyone else from acting on life's challenges? Barriers to action are many, and excuses are just as abundant, but are they real or valid? What if you could learn to overcome those barriers and excuses and, in the words of the famous commercial, "Just Do It ?" 

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