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Smiljan Mori, charismatic motivator and speaker

Smiljan Mori, charismatic motivator and speaker

Since good is not good enough for you, ensure yourself a fresh and different approach that will leave an imprint of you and your event in people’s hearts!

Smiljan Mori will captivate you with his energy, impress your business partners and mobilise your employees to get up and feel their inner energy and finally start acting! He will show you what skills, knowledge, attitudes and strategies you’ll need to achieve lasting change and improved results and become better than the competition.

With his extraordinary aptitude for achieving a competitive business advantage and expertise in neuroscience techniques for sales motivation, Smiljan is one of the most sought-after business and life coaches and motivational speakers inspiring millions around the world.

Despite the fact that some of his topics will hit you “right in the face”, his only concern and wish is that you and your team improve, that you achieve more and accomplish what you want and that you set off on a path to success and a better future.

He has helped everyone who has heard his lectures understand how to change NOTHING into SOMETHING, INDECISION into DETERMINATION and FEAR into COURAGE!

His principles of success, action and motivation surpass the scope of business and touch on all levels of achieving excellence in both personal and private life. And what is even better, they can be put into practice immediately – by you, your company, your employees and your business partners!

 Take a look at the programmes with which Smiljan can transform your next event into a spectacle of success!

Below is an excerpt from the Smiljan’s speech given at the MDRT conference in Athens. His inspirational speech impressed U.S. financial advisors, who invited him to share a few words at American meetings. This will be a great promotion for Slovenia and for all those involved in insurance.




With Smiljan’s motivational seminars and speeches, coaching and sales training, completely tailored to you and your company's needs or event, you will increase employee productivity and motivation, acquire the trust of your business partners and improve your reputation.


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