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Smiljan's clients

Smiljan's clients


Slovenian Alpine Ski Team

He worked with the Slovenian Women’s Ski Team during a period in which Katja Koren, Špela Pretnar and Alenka Dovžan were the most prominent competitors. Alenka Dovžan also gave a testimonial for the book entitled 7 Secrets of MotivAction.

"I would recommend 7 Secrets of MotivAction to anyone who does not wish to leave things on autopilot or to chance. The book will truly help you to become the key player in your life."

Alenka Dovžan, former member of the Slovenian Women’s Alpine Ski Team and Olympic medallist


Smiljan has also worked with football players. He has helped them with motivational trainings which significantly contributed to MIK Celje’s success on the football field. 

See the video statement of current national player Nejc Pečnik.

SHOT PUTTER Miran Vodovnik AND TOP SLOVENIAN TENNIS PLAYER Marko Tkalec See the video statement of current national player Nejc Pečnik.

Smiljan has helped both top athletes prepare mentally. You can read their testimonials on the archives of the TV show Prava ideja (second part of the discussion), in which they describe Smiljan.


Smiljan has worked with numerous entrepreneurs as a consultant and event co-organiser. With the Slovenian marketing guru Aleš Lisac, he filled the Tivoli Hall in Ljubljana in 2007. A whopping four thousand people attended the seminar. Take a look at a report of the seminar here

He has also organised a super seminar with the highly successful Slovenian director and owner of the MIK CELJE football club, Franci Pliberšek


Smiljan is also very well known in the countries of the former Soviet Union. He has lectured to numerous internationally renowned companies in the area of network marketing, such as Oriflame, Amway, numerous insurance companies, such as Ergo, Allianz, Generali Group, Grawe, Aviva, etc. Here you can read the statements of participants of the seminar Smiljan organised for Oriflame.


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