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MotivAction without borders!

MotivAction without borders!

What keeps you or anyone else from acting on life's challenges? Barriers to action are many, and excuses are just as abundant, but are they real or valid? What if you could learn to overcome those barriers and excuses and, in the words of the famous commercial, "Just Do It ?" 

It starts with knowing yourself like never before.

If you know what's holding you back, you're in a great position to move forward. The same goes for motivating others. That's the premise of this second book in Smiljan Mori's groundbreaking MotivAction™ series. It's a crash course on human motivation, but it's focused on what you can do when  you understand what's holding you back. And once you see how it works, you can apply MotivAction to anyone, anywhere, any time!


Smiljan Mori - An example that inspires thousands at home and abroad to live a happy, contented and successful life!

Many who have seen him live understand while Smiljan Mori is currently considered one of the best motivational speakers in the world. He is a lawyer by education, but in life his professional experience lies predominantly in the areas of sales, insurance and investment. He is a European businessman who through his own views and sense of how to achieve a competitive advantage in business has became a successful business and life coach and one of the most interesting personalities in the training world in the areas of sales and success. In 1997 he founded the Mori Agency, an insurance agency and his first company, regarded as one of the top insurance agencies in Central Europe. In 2000, he founded the company Smiljan Mori Success Systems, d. o. o.

He is a recognised writer and author of the bestselling books 7 Secrets of MotivActionMini MotivatorMe, Inc. and The Zig-Zag Formula for Success, numerous professional and popular articles and the audio programmes Think Like a WinnerLose Weight in a Healthy WayEat with your Head and Motivate Yourself to Success!, which is considered the first motivation and personal development audio programme in Slovenia. He has co-authored the bestseller Wake Up and Live the Life You Love in the United States, where he has collaborated with renowned authors such as Marc Victor Hansen, Wayne Dyer and Robert Allen. He is affiliated with numerous international, transnational and intercontinental networks of motivators, leaders, coaches and authors who inspire success in life.


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